Mina Ryumae
Programmer, Engineer, Artist

I am currently a high school senior at the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science at Western Kentucky University. As someone who utilizes both the creative and logical sides of my brain, I really enjoy combining my love of art and computer science. I am looking forward to what my future holds!

About Me

     Mina Ryumae is a senior at the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky taking a full load of college classes. Mina was a Kentucky State NCWIT winner and National Honorable Mention for the past two years. 

She is currently Director of Online Systems of INTERalliance Leadership Council tri-state (IN, OH, KY), after serving as an internal systems manager for two years. She implements new software, manages the back-end of two websites, and executes all technological needs. She organizes TechOlympics (the nation’s largest student-run tech conference with 500+ attendees) and conducts hackathons yearly. Mina is a co-founder and a facilitator for a Girls Who Code Club for INTERalliance tri-state students. 

     Since this past summer, Mina has been working as a paid data analytics intern for P&G Olay’s eCommerce Search Team. Her projects include to improve’s error tracking process, create website testing, ensure accurate data collection, and design ads for the Gmail Campaign. Last winter, Mina worked with the same Olay team as one of only two high school interns nationwide who represented the 185,000 Girls Who Code partnered with P&G’s Olay, helped develop a two-page 2020 Super Bowl campaign for Olay’s website, and raised $250,000 for GWC. 

     Junior year, Mina worked at the University of Cincinnati IT Solutions Center as a software developer intern, and helped develop a mobile application that incorporated artificial intelligence aspects. Sophomore summer, Mina interned at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Research IT Data Storage Group and worked on programming conversion from bash to Python to promote interoperability. 

     Mina has been a part of the FIRST program since kindergarten and has gone through every FIRST program, Jr. FLL to FRC. The most notable team’s accomplishment was creating the first Northern Kentucky’s Makerspace by raising over $150,000 with NKY business leaders’ help. Also, the team's other outreach project was to receive a state grant of $6.8 million to create the Ignite Institute, the first Northern Kentucky STEAM high school and make ever-lasting impacts for the community.

      Mina has been involved in research and participated in science fairs since 4th grade. She has won many awards at SEFNK and KY-SEF, such as Intel Excellence in CS, US Air Force Special Award and $20,000 Thomas More University Scholarship. Currently, Mina has been partaking in research at Western Kentucky University for the past three semesters that deals with transpositions created within the Monte Carlo Tree Search Artificial Intelligence Algorithm and the Dots and Boxes Game, and presented at conferences.

     Mina is a creator of CryptoDragons crypto-collectibles in the Ethereum blockchain, where she graphically designed all images and developed the backend Ethereum contracts in the Solidity programming language. CryptoDragons can generate billions of unique images. CryptoDragons is currently traded in market.

     In her spare time, she likes to do art projects, and crochet blankets and toys for shelter animals. She founded Crochet For Care, a non-profit organization that collects and donates crochet blankets to local animal shelters. She is currently developing an animal shelter adoption application hoping to connect more loving homes to sheltered animals.

    Mina is confident and passionate about studying Computer Science with a double major in Digital Media/art. She looks towards a career in software development and hopes to impact the world in a positive way.