My Dogs

I have two American Eskimo brother and sister that are three years old. They love cold weather, playing with toys, sleeping, and eating food :) They are just so cute in pictures that they take up my whole camera roll!

Hi there! I'm Milky. Please come rub my belly?
And I'm Sparky. This is what I look like when I'm called a good boy :)
Milky: This is what I looked like when I was a little puppy. Can you believe it?
Sparky: And this is what I looked like... I know, I'm the cuter one, but don't tell that to Milky!
Milky: We've been inseparable since we moved in with our new family...
Sparky: Even up to this day!
Milky: My favorite things to do are...
Milky: Sleep! I'm always sleeping hehe...
Milky: And playing with Sparky! 
Milky: When Sparky says ARGHH!...
Milky: I say it back with twice as much ferocity! I'm definitely in charge between us.
Milky: I do lots of sneaky things... But I always say sorry.
Sparky: I bet you ten treats we're the cutest doggies you've ever seen!
Sparky: And believe me, we love our food!
Sparky: See? We're even fighting over it!
Milky: And don't judge our looks... We were going through a little awkward phase...
Sparky: I hope you liked getting to know us!
Milky: Huh? Squirrel!

© Mina Ryumae 2019

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